Over Here: The Homefront During WWI: Armistice | Carolina Stories - Episode 7


The armistice was signed November 11, 1918 and it brought the end of a long and terrible war. For South Carolina, World War I brought unity and change. Camp Jackson was emptied a year after it was established and permanently named Fort Jackson. Today, it is the army's largest basic training post and an engine for Columbia economy. The Charleston Naval Yard is no longer a federal military operation, it is now privately owned where it houses architects and artists. South Carolina joined the Union and opened its eyes to the world. World War I is sometimes referred to as the "Forgotten War" as it is overshadowed by WWII, The Civil War, and even the Revolutionary War. The war was prolonged with horrific deaths from combat. World War I was violent, long, filled with propaganda, and a defining chapter in American history. It is important for South Carolinians to learn more about World War I, as it was it the first involvement that took place off American soil but had an huge impact on South Carolina. It is important to recognize what South Carolina contributed in the first international conflict.