Orangeburg Massacre, Part 6 | The Big Picture - Episode 6


Part 6 of the Commemoration of the Orangeburg Massacre on its 40th anniversary: 

Amid a background that includes the FBI's refusal to reopen the case of the Orangeburg Massacre, residents of Orangeburg discuss their views of Orangeburg today and its progress in regard to healing and moving forward. Dean Livingston, former publisher of The Orangeburg Times & Democrat; Bill Hamilton, Sports Information Director at S.C. State; and Rev. Larry McCutcheon, Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church, and Paul Miller, Mayor of Orangeburg, share their reflections and thoughts about whether times have changed in Orangeburg. Jack Bass closes by reflecting on why the event was called the Orangeburg "Massacre," paralleling the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa. Dr. Sellers states that his concern is the quest for justice that continues, not only in regard to this event, but across the state of South Carolina, for those who have always hoped and thought that their government would be on the side of justice, equality and peace.


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