A Natural State - Making a Kudzu Basket - Episode 11


Jimmie favors the old growth of the kudzu vine. He will plunge into the richness of a kudzu thicket armed with tall boots, pruning shears and a saw. He is well acquainted with dangers such as snakes, spiders and poison ivy that can that exist in such areas. Jimmie is very strong man and the material he uses often requires the use of a stout screwdriver to pry the vines apart.  For these reasons, you may want to reconsider the source material for your basket.

To learn more about alternative materials you can use for making a basket, please visit the workshop directions for Kudzu Basket Weaving. Some of the resources provide plant names, parts of plants known to have been used in making baskets, names of techniques employed, seasons to harvest, natural habitats and notes on preparation. 

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