Music: One Minute Art Lesson | Artopia


Watch a brief animated history of music.


I don't know about you, but I can't live without my music! It is like my main thing - when I am chillin' I gotta be tuned in. So check it out - music is slammin' and here's why. First off, you can sing it - all by yourself, like in the shower, or with a whole bunch of other peeps like in a car or in church or something.

And if you really got skills, you can play it on a zillion different kinds of instruments - keyboards, guitar, horns, drums - you name it. And you don't have to play or sing some other dude's music - you can make it up as you go along - no plan, just play - it's called improvising. You can improvise a tune, or you can take somebody else's tune and change it whatever way you want - that's called a variation. Or you improvise something to go along with what somebody else is playing - that's called an accompaniment.

But now, if you want to plan out your tunes you can do that too - you can learn to read those little musical notes and write your tunes down - that makes you a composer! And hey - wanna know how you can get really, really good at composing?

Listen, listen, listen!

And don't just listen to the song you think is the bomb - listen to music from back in the day, from musicals, from operas, from the radio, from Zimbabwe, Brazil, Japan, Czechoslovakia!

The more you listen, the more you know and the better you get at being like full of grooviness. And you will start to have an awesome comprehension of like the entire world, because everybody everywhere knows music rocks!