Michelle Hutcheson, Quality Control | Your Path, Your Journey


Name: Michelle Hutcheson

Job Title: Quality Inspector

Workplace: Finalcontrol, Inc

Education: High School Graduate

Favorite Subject(s) in School: History

First Real Job: Walgreens

Dream Job: Cosmotologist/anything in nursing

Interests: Reading, nature walking, working on cars with people



After Michelle Hutcheson graduated from high school, she took some “normal high school jobs”— in services and retailer stores. For elevating herself in the workforce, she started searching for a “real” job with higher pay and more stability. Encouraged by her mother, who had enjoyed her work at Finalcontrol, Inc for ten years, Michelle joined her mom and started working at the company, which specializes in providing industrial quality control for manufacturers. Under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, Michelle was enrolled in the On-the-Job Training program administered by SC Works in Charleston. She receives professional training while working full time, and is earning a decent salary without worrying about any debt.

She enjoys the fast-paced environment and the fact that she could work on different products from different manufacturers, instead of doing repetitive work every day. Working close to home is also beneficial for Michelle because she can enjoy more time with family and friends, save gas money, and come to the company quickly, if there are rush orders or extra work needs to be done.



Tell us about your job. How would you describe your job to a student?

I am a quality inspector in the automotive field and most days we are looking through a microscope to look for defective parts.

What advice do you have for students interested in your job?

Get your high school diploma, be willing to learn and take advice from those above you, and following instructions is the key.

What subjects in school will students need to do your job?

Mostly math.

What do I like most about my job?

I am gaining valuable skills that will help me in the future.

What is the biggest challenge in my job?

Getting parts inspected in various amount in a specific amount of time.

What do students need to do to get a job like yours?

You need to at least have a high school diploma and have good eye sight and work well with others.