Kripa Cooper-Lewter, Sisters of Charity Foundation of SC | Project Lead SC


Stephanie Kripa Cooper-Lewter, Ph.D., M.S.W., is Vice President of Initiatives and Public Policy for the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina. She designs and manages the Foundation’s organizational strategy and mission effectiveness, ensuring community engagement and impact.

Dr. Cooper-Lewter provides leadership to several philanthropic associations. She currently serves as Secretary of the national Board of Trustees for Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees and on the regional Board of Trustees of the Southeastern Council of Foundations. She is very active on various Board committees of both organizations, which includes focus on governance, leadership development, programming and policy.

A first generation immigrant, Dr. Cooper-Lewter was adopted as a toddler from Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity orphanage in India to the United States and became a naturalized citizen at age ten. She is a published author and enjoys spending time with family and friends, along with speaking, private practice, coaching and traveling.