Karen Alexander | Women Vision SC


As Karen Alexander approached her 40th birthday, she took a risk and “stepped out on faith,” mortgaging her house, spending her savings and investments to launch the Auntie Karen Foundation. Her love of arts inspired her to leave her position with Xerox Corp. to start the foundation, whose mission is to “empower, enlighten and educate through the arts.”  Her creations include a young entrepreneur’s conference to foster economic empowerment, a concert series for young people and an online children’s series, carried on Knowitall.org. -- Auntie Karen’s Place.  She is also the creator of 14 original characters and the author of two books. 

Her advice for young people:

“Find somebody who is doing what you want to do.  And even if you can’t see them in person, they probably have a video or a book or some talk.  And use them as a guide or model.  Because success leaves clues. And if somebody has done it before,  there’s a good chance they have already gone through the hard knocks.”



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