Jennet Robinson Alterman, Women's Rights Advocate, Consultant | Palmetto Voices


Jennet Robinson Alterman is a fixture in the Charleston community, as well as the state of South Carolina. Through an inclination to take chances and a confidence to learn new skills, she navigated a career that can not be contained in any single area of expertise.

After graduating college, Alterman temped at a local CBS affiliate, where she would eventually work in every department of television broadcasting, until she found herself a morning anchor.

After learning that she was not being compensated equally to her male counterparts, Alterman took this as her cue to take another bold chance, and joined the Peace Corps, where she was stationed in Afghanistan before the Russian invasion.

In the years following, she would return to South Carolina to serve as a press secretary for the first female Lieutenant Governor, and then she would venture to Africa, to serve the Peace Corps again in Swaziland.

When she found herself again in South Carolina, she took over as the Executive Director for the Center for Women. In her twelve year tenure, it would become the most comprehensive Women’s Development Center in the state of South Carolina.

These combined experiences have developed Alterman's leadership style, and more importantly her passion for women's rights.

"I rarely use the word overwhelming… overwhelming is when life or limb are at risk, everything else is whelming."