The Gargoyle: Christmas Special (1982) | ETV Classics Classroom


It's Christmas Eve, and the children are singing Christmas carols around a lighted tree in the courtyard below. In the bell tower of the cathedral is a small, lonely gargoyle who has for centuries watched the candles burning and listened to the children singing.

A mysterious white-winged creature knocks the gargoyle from his perch. As a result of this encounter and after helping to mend the creature's wings, the gargoyle receives a Christmas miracle to comfort his lonely soul.



  • Storyteller: Arletta Raley 
  • Puppeteer: Paul Cornwall 
  • Artistic & Choral Director: Virginia Uldrick 
  • Orchestral Conductor: Gary Auguste Robinson 
  • Staging & Choreography: Patricia Jackson Lusk 
  • Music Consultant, Organist & Pianist: William Kutz 


Kindergarten 1 2 3