First Milo Moose Day Celebration (1988) | ETV Classics Classroom


Milo the Moose arrives home for the Christmas celebration on the Santa Express Train with Engineer Elf. Milo shares his tales of woe about not being a reindeer. Reindeers received all the attention during Christmas and no one paid any attention to a moose. 

Milo knows he has magic and is determined to head to the North Pole and fly just like the reindeer. His journey to finding his magic isn't an easy one!

Will Milo the Moose find his magic? 

Will he learn how to fly like the reindeer?

Christmas might be saved if he does!



  • Milo the Moose
  • Mayor Jones
  • Parson Peepo
  • Little Girl
  • Grammy Moose
  • Santa Claus



  • Executive Producers: Robert Frierson & James S. Welch 
  • Producer Director: Everette C. Davis. 
  • Story and Songs: Ceille Baird Welch
  • Characters and Illustrations: Walt Lardner
  • Narration: Drucilla Brookshire


Kindergarten 1 2 3