Pre-Civil War Tensions

1824-1860. During this time period, also known as the Antebellum period, the explosion of the cotton economy made the way for the expansion of slavery and the move towards westward expansion. Abolitionists like the Grimke sisters started to speak about slavery and many slaves tried to escape using established routes like the Underground Railroad. The tensions that arise between the South and North about class difference, land and slavery eventually lead to Civil War.
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The Planter at the Gate, Part 2
The Planter at the Gate, Part 2


Thomas Lamar farms cotton on the family land granted by the King of England. Thomas’ brother, Charles, makes a bold move to reopen the African slave trade in defiance of a federal ban. Talk of...
Unionists | South Carolina Public Radio
Unionists | South Carolina Public Radio


“U” is for Unionists. Unionists in South Carolina were anti-scessionists and supporters of the federal Union in the decades prior to the Civil War—especially during the Nullification Crisis of the...