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Standard USHC.2.CX


Grade(s): 11

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

The First Vote: Ballot Box | Reconstruction 360


A New York music store owner named Samuel C. Jollie created a glass ballot box, bringing literal transparency to the voting process. Voters inserted ballots through a small hole on the top of the box...
The First Vote: Craftsman | Reconstruction 360


Before the Civil War the majority of free Black people lived in the South, where they couldn’t testify in court, learn to read, or travel without restrictions. But they survived and thrived as...
The First Vote: Poor Freedman | Reconstruction 360


This new voter has very little money or belongings, but he has gained his freedom. After passage of the Reconstruction Acts, thousands of politically energized freedmen, rich and poor, registered to...
The First Vote: Freedwoman | Reconstruction 360


The wife of one of the Black voters has joined her husband for this historic event. Women saw enfranchisement of Black men as a gain for the entire race and encouraged men to adhere to the wishes of...