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Standard RL.MC.6

RL.MC.6 Summarize key details and ideas to support analysis of thematic development.

Grade(s): 3

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Year: 2015

Finding Theme
Finding Theme


The students will be able to determine the theme of a story by recalling key details that support the theme. The students will know what theme is, how to rely on key details in the story, and what...

Chetter Galloway | Inside Storytelling


Storyteller Chetter Galloway, of Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in African and African American stories. His renditions are energetic and animated. He blends his stories with music, drumming, sound...
Connie Regan-Blake | Inside Storytelling


Connie Regan-Blake is considered a pioneer in bringing storytelling to a national audience. She helped to shape and ignite the American storytelling revival. She is a founding member of the National...