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Standard I-K.1.3

I-K.1.3 Name ways to stay safe and set and respect boundaries around others (e.g., family, peers, friends, acquaintances, strangers).

Grade(s): Kindergarten

Subject(s): Health Education

Year: 2017

Choosing Friends with Smart Cat
Choosing Friends with Smart Cat


Did you know that being a good friend is a superpower? Use this worksheet to understand how a good friend is always honest and tells the truth and uses polite phrases like please and thank you.
Diversity and Inclusion | Growing Up with Smart Cat
Episode 11


Have you noticed all the different colored leaves? Just like the leaves in the trees, we all have our own unique traits that make us special. Some of us are short. Some of us are tall. Some wear...
Character Education | Growing up with Smart Cat
Episode 5


How many of you want a super power? Well you may already have one. Did you know that being a good friend is a super power? In fact, it may be one of the most important super powers. Just like super...