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Standard 8-5.6

8-5.6 Compare the plight of farmers in South Carolina with that of farmers throughout the United States, including the problems of overproduction, natural disasters, and sharecropping and encompassing the roles of Ben Tillman, the Populists, and land-g...

Grade(s): 8

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

Robert Smalls
Episode 1


In this episode, host Alex Sanders, takes a look at a South Carolina Civil War hero, Robert Smalls. Smalls was born as an enslaved person in 1839 in Beaufort, South Carolina. In 1851, Smalls was hired...
Agricultural Depression | Palmetto Special


The opening and closing wraparounds take place by an old abandoned tenant farm house in Pickens County near Clemson University. Here the host establishes the location and story line. The Reenactment...
Robert Smalls | S.C. Hall of Fame


In 1862, Robert Smalls, an enslaved crew-member of the CSS Planter, steals the boat, sails it past the heavily armed defenses of Charleston Harbor in South Carolina and delivers it into the hands of...