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Standard 7-1.5

7-1.5 Compare the differing ways that European nations developed political and economic influences, including trade and settlement patterns, on the continents of Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Grade(s): 7

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

Beyond Barbados Glossary
Beyond Barbados Glossary


Part 1: In the Beginning ( CLICK FOR VIDEO) Amalgam – A mixture or blend Amerindians – A member of the indigenous peoples of the Americas Barbados – An island country in the Lesser Antilles of the...
Beyond Barbados | Carolina Stories
Episode 1


In The Beginning Most students today understand that the Carolinas were colonized by the English who had come to the Charleston area by way of Caribbean trade routes, primarily Barbados. The story of...
Beyond Barbados: Sweet Success | Carolina Stories
Episode 2


Sweet Success Dutch Sephardic Jewish colonists moved from Brazil to Barbados to escape the religious persecution of the Spanish Inquisition. These Sephardic Jews brought with them the knowledge to...