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Standard 2-1.4

2-1.4 Summarize changes that have occurred in the local community over time, including changes in the use of land and in the way people earn their living.

Grade(s): 2

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

Mann-Simons House Photo Gallery | Let's Go!
Mann-Simons House Photo Gallery | Let's Go!


Mann-Simons Partial Family Tree Mann-Simons Family Portraits Case of Excavated Artifacts, Including A Rubber "Bouncy" Ball Photograph of John Lucius Simons, Sr.'s Sons: John Lucius Simons, Jr. (Left)...
Between the Rivers
Between the Rivers


This unit Between the Rivers is comprised of two lessons encompassing approximately fifteen days. Lesson One entitled Our Community focuses on the community in which we live and some of the many...