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Standard 2-1

2-1 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the local community as well as the fact that geography influences not only the development of communities but also the interactions between people and the environment.

Grade(s): 2

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

City of Columbia Video Questions | From The Sky
City of Columbia Video Questions | From The Sky


Keep your students engaged while watching the City of Columbia From the Sky video with these video questions. Students are also asked to find two additional facts about the City of Columbia!
City of Columbia | From the Sky


The city of Columbia is not just at the geographical center of the state, it's also at the center of governmental and commercial activity. Affectionately known as Soda City, Columbia is well known for...
Between the Rivers
Between the Rivers


This unit Between the Rivers is comprised of two lessons encompassing approximately fifteen days. Lesson One entitled Our Community focuses on the community in which we live and some of the many...