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Standard 1-1.1

1-1.1 Identify a familiar area of the neighborhood or local community on a simple map, using the legend and basic map symbols.

Grade(s): 1

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

Woodrow Wilson Family Home | Let's Go!


The Woodrow Wilson House in Columbia is the only museum in the nation dedicated to telling the story of Reconstruction. Reconstruction - the period after the end of the Civil War - remains one of the...
Community Map
Community Map


The students will learn how to create a simple map of their community, and how to represent people and places on a map.

"X" Marks the Spot!
"X" Marks the Spot!


Students will work with a partner to design a treasure map using the Google Draw platform and write simple directions to find the hidden treasure.

3D VR - Woodrow Wilson Family Home  | Let's Go!
3D VR - Woodrow Wilson Family Home | Let's Go!


Located on 1705 Hampton Street, in historic downtown Columbia, South Carolina, this is the home where President Woodrow Wilson spent four years of his childhood. The house was built in 1871, during...