Conversations on the Civil War - 1864: Plain Folk on the Home Front

Dr. Melissa Walker is the author of numerous books on the Civil War and is co-editor of Upcountry South Carolina Goes to War (USC Press, 2011). She will talk with Dr. Edgar about the role of “plain folk”—especially women—during the war.

This presentation was recorded at the University of South Carolina’s Capstone Conference Center, in Columbia, on January 28, and was part of the series “Conversations on the Civil War, 1864,” presented in January and February, 2014. The series is sponsored by the USC College of Arts and Sciences.

A Shift In Sentiment | Walter Edgar's Journal
Episode 1


In this first segment, Dr. Melissa Walker discusses the increasing civilian distaste for the war, as observed in letters written to soldiers out in the field. Dr. Walker also notes how civilians...
The Refugee Crisis | Walter Edgar's Journal
Episode 2


The Up Country faced a refugee crisis near the end of the war. People fled from the coast to escape the war, and Dr. Walker discusses how difficult it was to provide provisions and assets for them.