Life at Lemmon Hill Plantation

These two Project Discovery programs originated from Lemmon Hill Plantation in Fairfield County, a private home restored by Chuck and Dawn Corley. Produced for upper elementary through middle school students, these programs take students to the restored 1790’s home near Winnsboro to explore a historic home that is an example of the refined living that was rather unique to what was the back country at that time as we look at why settlers living in our coastal areas made their way inland to build working plantations in the piedmont region of our state.

Part 1 (@27 min.) - Students get to explore inside the home to see remnants of indigo paint, view a unique bedroom ceiling specially decorated by a young girl and learn how people lived during this period of our history when western Fairfield county was a bastion of extreme wealth with cotton and indigo grown abundantly in the fertile fields and beautiful, blue granite mined in nearby quarries.

Part 2 (@27 min.) - Students learn more about the area’s history and contributions of the African Americans who helped build South Carolina plantations and allow them to prosper.