During the renovations to the State House, the main lobby was changed dramatically. Formerly done in vibrant red, gold, and black motifs, it has been altered to resemble a design reminiscent of the Victorian era, when the State House was finally completed. While most features of the main lobby remain original, new additions include area carpets and carpet borders, and previously unused skylights, which were uncovered during renovations.

Other features of the main lobby include the outside facade, the false dome, the dome room, which leads to the outer dome, and hand-carved mahogany doors which provide entrance to the Joint Legislative Conference Room.

As is common with other areas of the State House, memorials, statuary, and other objects of art can be seen in the main lobby. These include a marble replica of the Ordinance of Secession, a memorial plaque dedicated to Revolutionary War heroine Emily Geiger, a life-size statue of South Carolina statesman John C. Calhoun, and three extremely rare examples of stained glass found over the mahogany doors in the main lobby with a much larger example of stained glass using the same technique found above the doors inset into the wall of the main lobby balcony. Entrances to the Senate Chamber and the House Chamber are off the main lobby.

Senate Chamber: Sword of State | The SC State House


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Senate Chamber Photos | The SC State House
Senate Chamber Photos | The SC State House


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