R.C. and Mabel Hagan

Native of Donalds, SC (Abbeville County), Mr. Hagan made split-oak baskets, axe handles, and turkey calls while Mrs. Hagan is an accomplished quilter. Mr. Hagan learned to make split-oak baskets as a child from a local African American basketmaker.

Hunting Turkey | Digital Traditions
Episode 6


R.C. Hagan shares his love of hunting. For awhile turkey hunting had stopped in the Piedmont area of South Carolina, so he went hunting in Augusta during the open season.
Quilts | Digital Traditions
Episode 10


Mabel Hagan Is an accomplished quilter. She is pictured with a “Save All” quilt. The rop was made by her grandmother and was given to her as a wedding present. Five or six years later, she and her...