Mary Albertha Green

Mrs. Mary Albertha Green is a lifelong resident of the Sutton Community of Andrews. Mrs. Green has been quilting since the age of eight, when an aunt taught her to turn old clothes into beautiful and functional bedcovers. Mrs. Green uses absolute precision in measuring, cutting and laying out before beginning her quilts. She particularly loves quilts which feature a wide variety of colors.

Mrs. Green has won many ribbons and certificates for her work and enjoys creating new patterns. Many of Mrs. Green’s quilts have been made for family and friends. Celebrating a birth or a wedding, adding warmth and beauty to a home or remembering a special friend are just a few of the reasons Mrs. Green gives a quilt. She has also donated a number of quilts to community fundraisers. For Mrs. Green, making quilts is simply one more way of bringing beautiful colors, comfort and joy into her home, community and into the lives of the people she loves. Green received the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award in 1994.