Conversations on the Civil War - 1863: Mary Chesnut’s Civil War

Julia Stern, professor of English and American Studies at Northwestern University and author of Mary Chesnut's Civil War Epic, will "unpack the way in which at levels domestic, historical and epic, Chesnut's literary genius uniquely illuminated the greatest conflict of the American 19th century." Her conversation with Dr. Edgar was recorded before an audience at the University of South Carolina, part of the series Conversations on the Civil War, 1863, sponsored by USC's College of Arts and Sciences, and by USC's Office of the President.

Mary Chesnut's Scrapbook  | Walter Edgar's Journal
Mary Chesnut's Scrapbook | Walter Edgar's Journal


Dr. Julia Stern discusses writing her book Mary Chesnut’s Civil War Epic, and recounts meeting the descendants of Mary Chesnut, along with seeing Chesnut’s personal photo album, containing photos of...
The Feuds  | Walter Edgar's Journal
The Feuds | Walter Edgar's Journal


In this segment on Mary Chesnut’s diary, Dr. Stern discusses the feuds between Joe Johnston and Jefferson Davis, along with one between Mary Chesnut and Lucy Pickens. Dr. Stern finishes this segment...