Begin with the Basics, Not Rhyme, Part 1 | Tools of the Trade

Begin with the basics, not rhyme...

The Sea

Deep glass-green seas
chew rocks
with their green-glass jaws.
But littles waves
creep in
and nibble softly at the sand.

 - Lilith Norman


The Things I Hear in the City

I hear traffic
I hear the Bronx bridge
When I ride on it 
I hear the cats go mew
I hear yelling

 - Kindergarten Student, from Wishes, Lies, and Dreams


When one hears the word "poetry," he or she often thinks of rhyme and rhythm. These are important to the sound of poetry, but a poem does not have to rhyme to be good. The poems above use images and the senses to describe what the poet is experiencing. The meaning of your poem is more important than making it rhyme!

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