Peace At Last

Lesson Overview

I can use the elements of music to communicate new musical ideas and works. Students will explore sounds, how to listen and record sounds then use them in the creation of new ideas to accompany a story.  
The unit, Peace At Last, integrates music, art, science, technology, and literature for the enjoyment and education of students, through developing their use of sound exploration, recording techniques, composition, and interpretation of musical sound effects. Ultimately students will design their own compositions from techniques discovered throughout the unit.

  • Students will be able to explore, inquire, investigate, improvise and record and create vocal and instrumental sounds for musical effects within the structure of a story. The story tells about Mr. Bear who cannot sleep because of the sounds around him. With the use of instruments, the students will turn this into a musical story as the text contains onomatopoeia which gives great scope for musical interpretation. Students create meaning by adding musical composition to a story they devise.

Multiple days
Lesson Type
Project Based Lesson

Essential Question

In what ways can we use and explore sounds and music in literature to enhance the story and create greater meaning? How many ways can we see music?

Lesson Created By: HelenWalker

Lesson Partners: ABC (Arts in Basic Curriculum)