The Onset of the Civil Rights Movement

Lesson Overview


Using 21st century skills of critical thinking and analyzing the students will use technology to examine primary and secondary sources, provide relevant feedback to peers in blog/social media setting. Students will be provide various sources to gain access to credible information.


The goal is to introduce the students to primary resources in the Library of Congress. In a two-session class, the topic of Civil Rights Movements will be the focal point. Students will learn to analyze primary sources provide feedback and communicate their perspective in computerize format with classmates. In an academically intense environment, student will have opportunities to connect lessons to real world in the 21st century. 


Student will look at primary sources to analyze and contextualize clips, letters and speeches from 1863 throughout the climax of the Civil Rights Movements in 1968.The lesson will bridge writing, research and analyzation of history. 


Multiple days
Lesson Type
Traditional Lesson

Essential Question


When did the Civil Rights begin in the United States?


How can relate the Civil Rights to the social injustice face by African American today?


Lesson Created By: JarvaisJackson

Lesson Partners: Center for the Education & Equity of African American Students (CEEAAS)