Fire Safety in the Home - Prevention, Detection, Escape

Lesson Overview

NOTE: This is a three-day lesson. 

Day 1: Fire Safety in the Home - PREVENTION -  

Students will learn how most home fires start because of a careless action.  That means most fires can be prevented before they start.

Day 2: Fire Safety in the Home - DETECTION - 
Students will learn that even if everything is done right, sometimes there can still be a fire in a building.  If there is a fire, we need to know about it as quickly as possible.  Smoke alarms save lives.  They help us quickly know there is a fire.

Day 3: Fire Safety in the Home - ESCAPE - 
Students will understand that once they know there is a fire in the home, they must escape. Students will be able to explain that planning and conducting a home fire drill is an important part of the escape.

Multiple days
Lesson Type
Traditional Lesson

Essential Question

How can I be fire safe?
How do I quickly know there is a fire?

How do I escape from a fire at home and school?