Creating Hidden Pictures®

Lesson Overview

As a longtime illustrator of the puzzle art form, I show what Highlights Hidden Pictures are and how they work. From there, the difference between fine art and illustration is discussed, emphasizing the narrative quality of Hidden Pictures. Then using one of my children's books, together we create a random scene of those characters and environments using story dice. Using that as an illustration, we all tell our stories from our pictures. Finally, the illustrations we just created are transformed into a Hidden Picture, drawing hidden objects on a tracing paper overlay. Throughout the lesson, camouflage techniques in nature are shown as a huge element of creative inspiration for this project.

Multiple days
Lesson Type
Project Based Lesson

Essential Question

Can I learn how things hide in nature, and apply those techniques to create my own Hidden Picture illustration?



Other Instructional Materials or Notes:

Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Professional Development

paper, pencils, tracing paper, crayons

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Lesson Created By: Tim Davis