Learning About the Stage and Auditions | Artopia

Learning About the Stage: The Green Room where actors wait to go onstage, or rest between scenes. Why is it called a Green Room? Apparently no one really knows, although there are several theories. Some say it's because actors needed to rest their eyes after being under the harsh stage lights, and green is a soothing color. Others say it's because it's the room where fake grass used to be stored, and grass is green. Still others believe that, because early stage lights were greenish in color, the actors painted their faces green to match!

For more about the Stage, see the:

  • Acting Areas
  • Body Positions
  • The Proscenium Stage

The Audition Activity: The director must cast or choose two actors to play the roles of Juliet and Romeo. There are three actors auditioning or trying out for each role.