Drink Small Does It All Audio Transcript

Drink Small is a musician who defies classification. His musical style draws from his country origins, acoustic roots, and gospel training. Known as "The Blues Doctor," for Drink music is music and labels are unimportant. Drink grew up in Bishopville, South Carolina, learning his style from uncles, community guitarists, and books. Drink moved to Columbia, South Carolina, after joining a gospel group called the Spiritualaires, traveling with them from 1955 until 1959. His playing draws from how he sizes up an audience to determine what they need, and then he chooses from his varied background and styles available to him—Piedmont blues, R&B, Chicago, boogie-woogie—and concocts the right prescription for what the audience needs (hence his name as "The Blues Doctor"). As the album says, Drink Small "Does it All."*

*adapted from the liner notes