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Bonjour!  My name is Pren Woods and I greet you in a foreign language to express my love for languages and world travel. I am a middle school social studies teacher.  My favorite courses to teach are South Carolina history and world history.  Because of my performing arts background, I use a lot of drama, dance, and singing to teach history.  There is never a dull moment.  Some of my hobbies include writing poetry and music, karaokeing, traveling, and hanging out in Barnes and Noble with my wife.  Cheerio!

Student - Aalayah

Hi! My name is Aalayah. I attend a middle school in Charleston county where I play the trumpet in the band. Previously, I attended Rollings Middle school of the Arts for 2 years. While at Rollings I played a leading role in the play "A Christmas Carol," taking on the character of Mrs. Stone, (the mother of Ebenezer Scrooge). I am also a writer. Two of the many plays I have written are "Peepers The Penguin" and "Life is a Highway," both were chosen to be performed on stage.

I am in many extracurricular activities such as softball, praise dance, and the church choir. I have gotten all A's and B's and my academic achievement has allowed me to take the SAT for the Duke Tip Program. It has been a privilege to be one of the few chosen on ETV's Road Trip: Through SC Civil Rights History. I am very honored to be a part of a show that studies the history of our past, and the people that made it happen. This will definitely be a big help towards my future acting career.

Student - Kathleen

Hi! My name is Kathleen. I'm a seventh grader at Rollings Middle School of the Arts. My favorite classes are theatre arts and Algebra I.  I have loved acting since I was three years old, performing skits with my brother for any one who would listen.  When I was in third grade, I auditioned for “The Phantom Tollbooth” at the Flowertown Players in Summerville.  When I finished with that one, I could not wait to try out for the next.  Since then, I have been in one children’s show each year there.  Some of the most recent roles I had are “Alice” in “Alice in Wonderland” and “Cobweb” in “The Snow Queen.”  Currently, I'm working on my role as “Wendy” in “Peter Pan.”  I live with my mom, Elizabeth; dad, Jerry; brother, Patrick; and dog, Fritz.  My hobbies include collecting feathers, reading, acting, and babysitting.   

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