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The Cool and The Strong - Now Available!

The Cool and the Strong

Are you ready to embark on an exciting back-to-school adventure like never before? Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of "The Cool and the Strong" as we bring you an extraordinary 2-hour educational programming block that will leave you inspired and believing in the power of dreams.

The Cool and The Strong - You Can! Video

Magic Strong, a bright but struggling new student as he navigates his first day of school and makes friends with classmates, Rex and Reva. Their enchanting teacher, Mr. Gray encourages them to dream big and uses his magic powers to affirm them. Is a special message from a Division 1 college football coach enough to help Magic and his friends believe in their dreams?

You Can! A South Carolina Education Town Hall

Hear from notable panelists such as South Carolina Superintendent of Education, Ellen Weaver, Rashawn Aaron, founder of The Village Educational Services, as well as educators and students as they explore the power of dreams, the importance of education, and the magic of community support.

The Cool and The Strong Music Video

An inspirational music video featuring our characters from The Cool and the Strong!

Lights, Camera, Education! Behind the Scenes of The Cool and The Strong

Discover the secrets and creativity that go into bringing this magical world to life. From the talented cast and crew to the inspiration education plays, you'll witness firsthand the dedication and passion poured into every aspect of this production.