James Francis Byrnes (1882-1972) served as governor of South Carolina from 1951-1955.

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"B" is for Byrnes, James Francis (1882-1972). Congressman, U.S. senator, U.S. Supreme Court justice, U.S. secretary of state, governor. Over his lifetime, Byrnes—a native of Charleston--held many...
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This lesson consists of film and videotapes taken from events in Mr. Byrnes' career. We are fortunate in this program that we can actually see and hear Mr. Byrnes himself. The news films were...
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James Francis Byrnes | History of SC Slide Collection
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James Francis Byrnes (see Governor James Byrnes) rose to prominence in South Carolina and the nation, first in the House of Representatives, and then in the Senate. A supporter of Roosevelt's New Deal...
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James Francis Byrnes (1882-1972) was born in Charleston and served in all three branches of the federal government. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives (1911–25) and in the Senate (1931–41)...