Environmental Awareness

Earth Month and Earth Day (April 22)

Earth Month was established in April 1970 and is non-political. It is a month intended to develop momentum for a full year's worth of work on improving the environment. In this collection, you can learn about ways you can be involved in helping our planet!

Earth Day also began in 1970 and is celebrated annually around the world on April 22. Various events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. 

World Environmental Day (June 5)

World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. It's celebrated annually on June 5.

World Car Free Day (Sept. 22) 

This day encourages motorists to take a day off from driving your vehicle and find other ways to go places that will not hurt the environment.


Wild Turkey | South Carolina Public Radio


"W" is for Wild Turkey. A wild turkey is a large galliforme, that is, chicken-like bird. Males weigh up to 20 pounds and females half as much. The turkey is characterized by its large size, iridescent...
Plant a Seed
Plant a Seed


The students will plant a seed using science and engineering practices, including the processes and skills of scientific inquiry, to develop understandings of science content. They will measure the...

Dottie Moore
Episode 2


Master quilt-maker Dottie Moore weaves beautiful quilts with intricate patterns. Moore expresses her feelings about the environment and the earth through her quilts.
The Dahlonega Gold Rush | 27:Fifty (1992)
Episode 1


Dahlonega, in the Cherokee Indian language, means “yellow precious metal.” As its name suggests, Dahlonega was the site of the first gold rush in the United States. Gold was discovered here in the...
Snow Bunting | Expeditions Shorts


Patrick McMillan visits the North Slope Region of Alaska, where he showcases two species of bird which reside in this freezing cold region: the Snow Bunting, and the Lapland Longspur. The Snow Bunting...
Snow Buttercup | Expeditions Shorts


Patrick McMillan visits Loveland Pass, Colorado, where he shows us Snow Buttercup flowers. These flowers take advantage of the insulation provided by layers of snow. The snow also protects these...
Montezuma Quail | Expeditions Shorts


Here at Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch in Arizona, Patrick McMillan and Pedro Chavarria talk about an uncommon species of bird found in Arizona, the Montezuma Quail. This bird is a native of Mexico...
Birch Tundra | Expeditions Shorts


Here in the Seward Peninsula in Alaska, Patrick talks about tundras: vast open areas without trees, but many species of grass, and woody, shrubby plants, like the American Dwarf Birch, and Arctic...
Tufted Milkweed | Expeditions Shorts


Patrick McMillan, joined by Linda Kennedy, visits Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch in Arizona. Here, they showcase the Tufted Milkweed, a species of flower which grows in the area. What makes the...