Verna Suggs Duncan Recalls Horse & Wagon & Days with Her Father | Digital Traditions - Episode 1


Duncan Pottery, Amory, Monroe County. Interview recorded June 1981.

Verna Suggs Duncan assisted her father, William D. Suggs (1878-1945) at his pottery in the town of Smithville in eastern Mississippi. After she married Joseph Duncan (1909-1963), her husband learned to turn pots and worked in her family's pottery shop.

Following the death of her father W. D. Suggs, Verna and her husband opened their own pottery shop in nearby Amory in 1949. The Duncan pottery produced a variety of glazed wares, including hand- and jigger-turned pottery in blue, green, and white Bristol-based glazes.

After Joseph’s death, the Amory shop ceased producing its own pottery but continued to serve as a pottery outlet. 

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