Horatio Manning Boggs: Three Things About a Potter | Digital Traditions - Episode 1


"Three things about a potter, according to Horatio Boggs."

Horatio Boggs is descended from a long line of family potters with roots in Alamance County, North Carolina. Like many other potters in the 19th century, the Boggs family migrated southwestward in the 1830s, eventually settling down in Autauga County, Alabama.

Horatio ran the Boggs Pottery, just north of Montgomery since the end of World War II. One of the leading producers of unglazed gardenware in the region, Horatio and his son Wayne also produced small, glazed pieces.

Ralph Miller, a second cousin of Eric Miller from Brent, Alabama, turned pottery at Boggs Pottery since 1945. Today, Boggs Pottery continues to produce a wide variety of unglazed horticultural wares.