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April on Knowitall: Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection and More!

Images from content featured in April on Knowitall


In April, literacy and poetry resources abound in our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection! We premiere our new series, The Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. For Holocaust Remembrance Day, we offer our Holocaust Remembrance Collection., and we bring you our History of Arts Education in S.C. series.


Explore our


For School Library Month, National Library Week, National Poetry Month, and Dia! (Diversity in Action) Day, we feature these Series:

Conversations with S.C. Writers

SCETV brings into the studio well-known South Carolina writers to share a little about their careers, writing process and more!


Inside Storytelling

South Carolina and national storytellers perform interesting stories and talk about the craft of storytelling.


Literary Tour of South Carolina

Students meet nationally recognized authors who call South Carolina home. They learn about the writing process, making characters come alive on the page, creating the plot, and how important research is to any story, both fiction and non-fiction. 


Pulitzer Prize Winners in South Carolina

Three programs, including: Commentary, Literature and Reporting


Tune Up to Literacy

Recommended for preK-3, Tune Up to Literacy encourages literacy using original songs by composer/lyricist/educator Dr. Al Balkin, composer who wrote music for The Hobbit, and several off-Broadway children’s musicals. The programs musically introduce and reinforce concepts such as punctuation and sentence construction.


Writers from the South Carolina Hall of Fame

South Carolina Hall of Fame honors and recognizes contemporary and past citizens who have made outstanding contributions to South Carolina’s history and progress. Writers Include Elizabeth Coker, Mary Simms Oliphant, Pat Conroy, Robert Bass, and Walter Edgar.


Writer’s Workshop

Please note: This content was created as part of a college-level course. Some of the content may contain adult themes or language not suitable for all audiences.

Bottom of Form

For this workshop series, 15 major talents in contemporary literature met in a forum with well-known author William Price Fox and USC creative writing students. Each writer discussed  personal writing methods, furnishing insights into the highly individualized process of literary creation. Featured writers include George Plimpton, James Dickey, James McPherson, John Gardner, John Hawkes, John irving, Kurt Vonnegut, Nora Ephron, Pauline Kael, Reynolds Price, Stephen Spender, Susan Sontag, Tom Wolfe, William Price Fox, and William Styron.  


Be sure to view the TOPICS area of LIBRARIES, LITERATURE & LEARNING, which includes:

American Writers


S.C. Authors

National Poetry Month.


For Poetry Month, we offer


from Periscope!

A. A World of Poetry

B. Poetry All-Stars

C  Poets Laureate

D. Haiku How-To

E. Tools of the Trade


Individual Programs include:

Archibald Rutledge, James Dickey, Kwame Dawes, Marjory Wentworth, Poetry Workshop, Reeds Rise from Water, Singing Amazing Grace, Talking About Amazing Grace, Tommy Scott Young,  and William Gilmore Simms


Premiering in April is our new series


African Americans, both free and enslaved, served in the American and British armies as armed troops and as laborers known as "pioneers." In many places, slaves were offered freedom if they agreed to fight for the British.  Large numbers of slaves deserted their plantations, particularly in the Lowcountry.  But as far as the backcountry is concerned, in the case of the Bratton's slave Watt, some felt that their loyalty was to the family who owned them.

The National Park Service celebrated its centennial in 2016. South Carolina ETV and the Sons of the American Revolution collaborated to tell the stories of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. Eight five-minute video segments with online curriculum for South Carolina teachers are now available. Each of the modules includes a short video episode, photos, maps and online curriculum for S.C. teachers.

A. Overview

B. Battle of Waxhaws

C. Brattonsville (Huck’s Defeat)

D. Battle of Camden

E. Musgrove Mill

F. Kings Mountain

G. Cowpens

H. Guildford Courthouse

I. Ninety Six


In celebration of EARTH DAY on April 22, we offer our



Saving Sandy Island

Congaree Swamp Stories

Earth Today

Earth Today Kid Minutes

Environmental Ed

Environmental Minutes

Natural State

Earth Day | Project Discovery

Climate Change: A Global Reality

Documentary & Webisodes | Web of Water


Individual Programs:

Carolina Marsh Tacky

City Roots

Dolphin Conservation

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Design


Straw Bale House

Sustainablity at Biltmore


Worm Farming

Topiary Garden


For Holocaust Remembrance Day (April 23), we offer our


Seared Souls: South Carolina Voices of the Holocaust: Trace the events of the Holocaust through the testimony of survivors who settled in South Carolina. Interviews are combined with dramatic archival footage for a powerful and moving record of the inhumanity that was experienced during the Holocaust.

S.C. Voices: Lessons from the HolocaustFull interviews with South Carolinians who survived the Holocaust and those who liberated the concentration camps or witnessed the atrocities that took place. 


Also in April, we bring you the three-part series: 


The Arts and Career Connections, Series I:

This ETV Teacher Recertification course,  which was developed by ETV Education and approved by the SDE Office of Educator Services for 20 renewal credits, is recommended for teachers of all grade levels. The course is built on video resources developed by SCETV in partnership with the SC Department of Education to support arts educators, school guidance and career specialist professionals as well as regular classroom teachers. It can be valuable to all educators who seek to know more about the arts and career possibilities in arts fields in order to share this knowledge with their students as they help guide them in their focus of studies and prepare them for higher education or entering the world of work.

The video programs in the course look at the history of arts education in South Carolina in terms of legislation, initiatives and lessons learned; provide discussions with a variety of arts professionals who address 21st century skills as they relate what they do in their jobs day to day; give an in-depth look at several of these professionals with outstanding and interesting careers; and take us behind-the-scenes to learn about the lives and work of some famous artists with South Carolina connections.

Three programs coordinated and hosted by Scot Hockman, former SDE Education Associate for the Visual and Performing Arts, entitled History of Arts Education in S.C., are part of The Arts and Career Connections, Series I course.

1. History of Arts Education in S.C. – Arts Education Legislation

2. History of Arts Education in S.C. – Education Initiatives

3. History of Arts Education in S.C. – Lessons Learned

This 20 renewal credit course for S.C. teachers who need to recertify to renew their S.C. Teaching license is offered in all 5 sessions: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring I, and Spring II.

Registration for SPRING II opens April 4 and runs through May 8.

The session will open for participants to begin work on April 10 and must complete by June 16.

Cost: $75

More information, register/pay here.

Questions or help with registration:  (local) 803-737-9915 or (toll free) 1-888-761-8132


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This month, you’ll begin to notice that some of the resources you’ve previously accessed          on StreamlineSC are starting to appear here on Knowitall, under our ETV StreamlineSC Collection. We will contnue to add this content to Knowitall over the coming months.

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