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Women’s History & National Nutrition Month Plus South Carolina Day Resources on Knowitall

Images from fgeatured content for march on Women's History, National Nutrition Month and South Carolina Day

Knowitall brings you an abundance of content for Women’s History and National Nutrition Month—and it’s all so easy to locate—just a few clicks away! We also have numerous resources for South Carolina Day. See below for details! We hope you’ll enjoy exploring—and please encourage your students and their parents to do the same!


Women’s History

From the American Revolution to the Civil Rights Era, and in fields from education, to medicine, to law, this Collection brings stories of the courageous women who have impacted our lives, then and now!


See how these South Carolina women impacted our history and our future!



At the turn of the 20th century, women in the United States could not vote. A political party promoted National Women's Day as a day to protest for women's rights, particularly the right to vote. On February 23, 1909, over 2,000 men and women attended the first National Women's Day rally in New York. The success of the event inspired other countries to participate, and National Women's Day became International Women's Day in 1911.

  1. Women’s History Month
  2. The Women’s Rights Movement
  3. Susan. B. Anthony
  4. Celebrated Women in U.S. History
  5. South Carolina Portraits


Topics Included in the Women’s History Collection

Scroll down to just below the Series to view these topics!


In addition to featuring content on the women who made a difference in our history,

we also offer Palmetto Voices, a series featuring women leaders in our times! Take a look!


The series features female leaders in South Carolina who share the experiences, skills and decisions that have brought them success. These voices of the Palmetto State offer advice and suggestions for excellence in various career clusters and fields of study.


We also offer Project Lead South Carolina, a series for young women about what it takes to be a leader. 


From middle school to high school, teenage girls face unique pressures everyday. Between issues with bullying, body image, boys, friends and “frenemies,” life during that awkward transitional period can feel like it’s filled with challenges. It’s important our girls have role models, people to look up to, think about, and speak with to help navigate those land mines.

Notable women in South Carolina give advice on what makes a successful leader. 


And we offer the James Otis Lecture Series 2015 on Women’s Rights, including addresses by the following:

There is also a Q & A Session on Women’s Rights included in the program:


Resources for National Nutrition Month Are Easy To Locate—All in One Place!

Youth Media Health Institute

The American Graduate Youth Media Institute, held at South Carolina ETV, focused on health and community engagement. Students used their video and reporting skills to create short documentaries on healthy food, farms and gardens. By focusing on sustainable food production and nutrition, the Youth Media Institute helped students make the connection between a healthy lifestyle and their own educations.

EdAware: Eat Smart, Move More

Series designed to increase understanding of the problem of childhood obesity and related health, nutrition and physical activity issues and to make viewers aware that they are part of the solution.

Healthy Hannah’s Healthy Choice Heroes

Healthy Hannah is a cyber super hero who helps her friends make healthy choices by teaching them about nutrition and physical activity while taking them on adventures through cyber space. This micro-series consists of twenty 2 to 3-minute episodes intended for ages K-6.

Please note: The above Series include all of the programs in each series. To view the ones related specifically to nutrition, please view the Assets featured in the Nutrition Collection individually. Just scroll down past the Series and you’ll see them all!


Additional Videos (Not Included in the Above Series) Include:

Better Health from Space to Earth | NASA Connect

Gardens of Change | Palmetto Scene

Is a Raw Food Diet Good for You? | Palmetto Scene

What Is a Food Desert?


For South Carolina Day, Knowitall Offers These Great Field Trips! 

LET’S GO! Features VRs on the Matterport App—including:

Complete instructions are available on each of our VRs. Select the tour you’d like to take and you’ll see the instructions near the top of the page! And also below… Try it out!

To View VRs on the Matterport App: The 3D experiences were shot with a Matterport Pro 3D Camera. Experience the VRs using the Matterport phone apps with either a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

(1) Download the iOS or Android app to your phone

(2) Use your phone's browser to go to the VR link at Historic Brattonsville Homestead House  

(3) When you click on a link, the Matterport App will open on your phone.

(4) The VRs will need to download to the app prior to viewing.

(5) Look for the visual queues (circles) to navigate through the VR experience.


These South Carolina Tours Are Just a Click Away!

Virtual Field Trips & Tours!


Explore South Carolina

Topics include:

They’re all right at your fingertips! Enjoy your travels!



You may be surprised at what you’ll find there! 


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