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Women’s History Month Collection - Now on Knowitall!

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This month, Knowitall features women who have made a difference throughout our history! Visit our Women’s History Month Collection to learn about abolitionists Sarah and Angelina Grimké; heroes from the American Revolution Dicey Langston, Dorcas Richardson, Emily Geiger, and Grace and Rachel Martin; Civil War diarist Mary Boykin Chesnut; the first woman elected to the S.C. Legislature, Mary Gordon Ellis; the first female obstetrician/gynecologist in S.C., Dr. Anne Austin Young; advocate for literacy and adult education, Dr. Wil Lou Gray; and more!


Heroes of the American Revolution

Dicey Langston

The Story of Dicey Langston is a tale of sacrifice and determination. The year is 1781. Meet “Bloody Bill” and journey back to when South Carolinians fought their own brothers as we learn about this courageous young heroine.

Dorcas Richardson

The movie The Patriot was based loosely on Francis Marion fighting Colonel TarletonThe Story of Dorcas Richardson is a true story taped at Historic Camden about one of Marion’s men and his wife’s “battle” with the British Officer.

Emily Geiger

The Story of Emily Geiger is the story of a young girl who risked her life as a messenger for the Colonial army during the Revolutionary War.

Grace and Rachel Martin

The Story of Grace and Rachel Martin is the story of two sisters-in-law living alone in the South Carolina back country who risked their lives to stop the flow of information to the British.


Civil War Diarist

Mary Boykin Chesnut

Mary Boykin Chestnut kept a diary during the Civil War. Events dramatized in this film were extracted straight from her diary. Mary spent time at Kensington Plantation in South Carolina where the story was also reenacted.


Educator/First Woman Elected to S.C. Legislature

Mary Gordon Ellis

Mary Gordon Ellis was the first female to be elected to the S.C. Legislature. The drama depicts her life as the school superintendent of Jasper County where she addressed equality to her time in elected office.


Educator/Equal Rights Advocate

Mary McLeod Bethune

The Story of Mary McLeod Bethune is the story of one woman’s struggle to gain equality for herself and her students. Mary grew up in rural South Carolina and became a teacher. She started with nothing and ended up being an advisor to a President! 


Equal Rights Advocate

Modjeska Simkins

An African American girl born to a half-white, half-black brick mason, Modjeska Simkins came from relative wealth and married into wealth, but dedicated her life to helping the disadvantaged be treated equally in South Carolina. 


First Female Obstetrician/Gynecologist in S.C.

Dr. Anne Austin Young

Dr. Anne Austin Young fought the norm that women could not be at the top of their college class nor become a medical doctor.  Anne was one of the first female doctors in our state to practice medicine.

To learn more about Dr. Anne Austin Young, watch the South Carolina Hall of Fame video.


State Superintendent of Adult Schools/Literacy Advocate/Founder, School for At-Risk Youth

Dr. Wil Lou Gray

Through Dr. Wil Lou Gray Gray’s efforts, the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School for illiterate adults and children was funded. In the program, we learn what life was like during the early 1900’s for many South Carolinians. 



Sarah Moore Grimké and Angelina Emily Grimké

In The Story of the Grimké Sisters, find out how both Sarah Moore Grimké (1792-1873) and Angelina Emily Grimké (1805-79) followed a similar path, speaking out and leaving home to join the fight for the abolition of slavery and equal rights for women. 


In addition, we are featuring these women leaders who spoke on Women’s Rights at the James Otis Lecture on Constitution Day 2015. The Q & A portion of the program follows.

S.C. Chief Justice Jean Toal “Women’s Rights in South Carolina” | James Otis Lecture 2015

Molly Craig “Women Making History” | James Otis Lecture 2015

Q & A – Women’s Rights| James Otis Lecture 2015


We also feature these women in the fields of Business and Technology.

Women in Business

Women in Technology


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