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We'd like to ask you...about Cursive Handwriting!

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We had a significant increase recently in the use of our ETV StreamlineSC series, Cursive Handwriting. We're just curious and would like to ask your help in understanding this.

If you are a teacher who is using this series, could you please contact us and respond to these questions? 

  1. Was there a particular reason that you started using the series, Cursive Handwriting, recently?
  2. Was it due to the time of year, toward the end of the school year, and is this when you teach this?
  3. Was there a news story that prompted you to think of it or look for it? If so, which story, network, reporter, etc.?
  4. Are there any other possible reasons that you can think of? Any thoughts you may have would be appreciated!
  5. Please include your school and/or district
  6. As well as your location - city, county, state

Thank you for your help and please let us know at any time if there's any way that we can help!


The Staff of at South Carolina ETV 


Please contact us here:

Thank you!