William Least Heat-Moon - Author | 27:Fifty (1992)


William Least Heat-Moon, is the author the book “PrairyErth.” He calls his book a “deep map” of Chase County, Kansas. The book provides an in depth guided tour, which is the end result of 8 years of hard work and research. When it comes to understanding historical places, maps are crucial, but the kind of maps he refers to go beyond city lines and territories. Rather, it’s “an organized piece of wonder about how we belong to the land.” During his research, he searched for connections which would reveal the essential character of the prairie, and people who lived on it. His book does not begin in 1856 when the first white settlers arrived in the area, rather, he goes back even further, chronicling events which happened over 250 million years ago, when the region was covered in seawater! William’s other book, “Blue Highways” chronicles his trip and experiences around the perimeter of America.

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