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Around 1790, families of rice planters found the swampy lands where they grew their rice to be a danger in the summertime, due to the spread of malaria, and other deadly diseases. These families of rice planters sought more favorable areas to spend the summers away from the swamplands. Twenty miles west of Charleston, they found the area known today as Summerville. The homes in Summerville were built high up off the ground, to catch coastal breezes. It was believed that the tall pine trees in the area kept malaria at bay. Doctors around the world believed Summerville to be an effective place to cure pulmonary diseases. Today, Summerville prides itself on having one of the first tree ordinances in the United States.

Joanna Angle briefly takes us through Summerville’s most well-known parks: Summerville’s Azalea Park, Givhan’s Ferry State Park, and Old Dorchester State Park. 

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