Snowbird Cherokees, Part 9 - Meeting


A look at the annual meeting of the Snowbird Cherokee and the traditions and ceremonies performed there.

The Mountain Ceremony is an ancient Cherokee right. Everyone brought a turtle shell of dirt from their home and added it to the sacred fire mound as the ceremony ended. Over time, the meeting mound grew, with the power of the past meetings. In Snowbird, this ceremony now opens the annual Fading Voices Ceremony, which commemorates the elders and celebrates Cherokee ways and traditions. Women make traditional foods like hominy corn, chestnut bread and bean dumplings. Flute-making is another traditional craft being revived in Snowbird. The flutes are sold in the galleries and shops in Cherokee. 

Ball-playing is an old Cherokee sport, which is still played during the annual fall festival, held every year in Cherokee. This practice had spiritual meaning and once required intense spiritual preparation and purification and abstinence.