Shores, Sea Creatures & More | Project Discovery Revisited

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Project Discovery Revisited goes on a tour of two of South Carolina's coastal state parks. First, we visit Hunting Island, and later, Huntington Beach State Park. 

Hunting Island and Huntington Beach State Parks are both located on barrier islands, which are found on the lower half of our state. The barrier islands protect the shore from the effects of the ocean. 

The effect of hurricanes is discussed. 

Barrier islands undergo migration and are constantly building or being eroded away, due to storms and erosion.

The lighthouse is discussed. 

The vegetation in these areas is discussed, including the slash pine and three species of palmettos--cabbage palmettos, saw palmettos, and dwarf palmettos. 

Sea creatures are discussed, including sand dollars, starfish, and sea urchins.

Forest fires are discussed, along with prescribed burning or controlled burning.

The flame box crab is discussed. 

The loggerhead sea turtleis discussed. 

The stone crab is discussed. 

Next, we visit Huntington Beach State Park. Earth Day is discussed along with experiences provided by its naturalists. The Salt Marsh Ecology Program is discussed. 

Fiddler crabs are shown and discussed. 

Finally, alligators are shown and discussed, and also crocodiles. Alligators do not tolerate salt water well. Crocodiles are a saltwater species. Crocodiles are larger and more aggressive. It is against the law to feed alligators. If alligators start to associate food with people, then they are more likely to follow people around, and people may get bitten because the alligators are seeking food.