The Ridge, Part 3 - Ward And Ridge Spring | Palmetto Places - Episode 3


The small town of Ward, which was once a bustling railroad town, sits at The Ridge’s high point: 695 feet above sea level. The town is on part of a plantation which belonged to the town’s founder, Clinton Ward. Clinton Ward was a philanthropist whose love for animals was well known.  A statue which perfectly captures his likeness is listed on the National Register of Outdoor Sculptures. Ward also helped found several churches in Ward: the Spann Methodist Church, and the Ward Baptist Church.

East of Ward sits the town of Ridge Spring, which was another prominent railroad town in South Carolina. Ridge Spring’s founders were so determined to keep their town clean, that an ordinance was passed, which required all males 18 to 50 years of age to help clean the town, and regularly whitewash the trees. 

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