Pickens, Part 1 - Early History And Pickens County Museum | Palmetto Places


Pickens was once part of the Pendleton district, but branched off and became its own district in 1828. In 1868, the South Carolina Constitutional Convention passed an ordinance to further divide the Pickens district into two counties: Oconee, and Pickens. Immediately after, officials moved the Pickens County Courthouse, and other structures to the new county seat, fourteen miles east. Today, the only remaining structure of Old Pickens County is a brick Presbyterian church.

The district, county, and town, are named in honor of Revolutionary War General Andrew Pickens. Objects which used to belong to General Pickens can be found in the collection of Pickens County Museum. The museum’s director, C. Allan Coleman, joins to discuss the life of Andrew Pickens, and some of the artifacts preserved in the museum.