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Pawleys Island’s charms are from the natural world: sunrises, seashells, sand dunes, and sea oats. The only rule here is to be laid back and barefoot!

Pawleys Island gets its name from the nearby plantations owned by the Pawley brothers, Percival and George. The island’s status as one of the nation’s oldest resort communities evolved from the flight of the seasonal Lowcountry rice planters, who came to the island in an effort to flee from Malaria in the summer. The original summer houses were simple story and a half raised cottages; elegant in their simplicity, with the comfort of the owners in mind. The remaining early era summer homes are cherished treasures in Pawleys Island. One of these treasured homes is the Hagley House: an understated Greek-Revival style house, built for P.C.J. Weston. Joanna Angle discusses the history of this famed Pawleys Island home. 

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