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McCormick is known to have the second richest vein of gold in South Carolina. Joanna Angle discusses the early history of McCormick; origins going as far back as Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto’s search for gold. Three hundred years later, William B. Dorn would accidentally stumble across a vast wealth of gold. Billy Dorn became very wealthy, and when he sold his property to Cyrus H. McCormick in 1871, the plot of land was divided into lots and auctioned off. These lots would become known as the town of McCormick.

Railroad travelers passing through McCormick stayed at one of three hotels, however only two remain standing today. The Keturah, built in 1910, stayed in operation until closing in the 1960’s. Since 1985, the Keturah hotel today serves as a meeting place and cultural center, being the home of the McCormick Arts Council. Patti McAbee joins to discuss the history of the Keturah Hotel, along with its sister hotel, the Fannie Kates Country Inn, and the McCormick Arts Council.  The Fannie Kates Inn, which dates back to 1884, is presently a bed-and-breakfast inn. 

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